Spa Bath

 Unrivaled Features

The birth of SpaBath’s breakthrough Roll-Door technology dates back more than 20 years. It made its debut in the commercial, healthcare market in the early 1990s, becoming a trusted bathing solution used in assisted living facilities worldwide. Now this ingenious feat of engineering is available for the first time in a home spa.

Easy Access and Comfort Make SpaBath the BEST Alternative to Traditional Bathing Systems

From the moment you first experience SpaBath, you will appreciate its ease of entry, thanks to a low threshold and generous, full-sized opening. Simply sit on the chair height, seat and easily pivot your legs into the spa. That’s it! No lifting legs over a high tub wall or having to stand on a slippery surface.

Once seated, you will enjoy the comfort of a gently reclined, contoured seat — not to mention the ability to stretch out your legs in the full-sized spa. SpaBath’s high walls create an extra-deep soaking tub that allows you to luxuriate in a semi-recumbent position, while relaxing in pre-set tempered water that fills to chest level.

Sized to fit into the same space as a standard tub, SpaBath can be as easily installed during a bathroom remodel as during new construction.

What Makes SpaBath Stand Alone?  EVERYTHING!

Spabath Roll-Door® technology smoothly and quietly raises and lowers the door with just the touch of a button. The Spabath Roll-Door® full-width opening provides plenty of room to sit down and easily pivot your legs into the spa; you don’t need to squeeze in or out past a small swing door while standing on a potentially unsafe, slippery surface.

There is no heavy door to pull up manually once seated in the spa; no awkward twisting or reaching; no extra effort due to bulky handles.

Dual-System Door Seals & Water-Level Detector

SpaBath’s proprietary dual-seal technology provides total peace of mind for the homeowner.

A “fail-proof” system, SpaBath utilizes both primary and secondary inflatable door seals in the unlikely event that one of them fails. More reliable than the compression seals used by many competitors, SpaBath’s inflatable seals have been proven for over 20 years under demanding conditions.


Another important safety feature, electronic water-level sensor accurately detects the amount of water in the spa. This prevents the accidental opening of the door while there is still water in the spa.

For even more security and peace of mind, SpaBath also features a battery backup system so you can finish your bath in the event of a loss of power to your spa.

Digital Touchpad Controls

A digital touchpad allows you to easily and precisely control all of the benefits of your SpaBath.  Raise and lower the proprietary wide Spabath Roll-Door™. There is no heavy door to pull up manually once seated in the spa; no awkward twisting or reaching.

Open and close the drain with the touch of a button. SpaBath drain system is not only automatic, the oversized 2-inch drain will empty the spa quickly.

Bathe safely with Automatic Overflow System. This fully automatic system opens and closes the drain automatically if the water level is too high.

Turn on the air jets. Surround your body with preheated air bubbles from 35 variable-speed air jets. Choose your favorite speed or select wave action for the ultimate spa experience.

Choose Aromatherapy and Chromatherapy features. Soothe and stimulate your senses with essential oil fragrance and variable colored lighting to create your desired mood.

Wall Mounted Water Controls

Integrated Water Controls