Spa Bath

SpaBath’s Unique Design…

SpaBath Roll-Door® Technology and Unique Features Provide a Safe Spa-Like Bathing Environment. The full-width, unobstructed opening, built-in safety features like electronic water-level detectors to prevent deflation of dual door seals with water in the tub, deluxe spa system with therapy options and precisely controlled water temperature provide absolute ease of use, safety and comfort. These unique functions make SpaBath the best bathing and spa system available.

SpaBath is ideal for seniors wanting to maintain their independence and those that could benefit from the soothing and relaxing advantages of a luxurious spa as well as people with limited mobility.

SpaBath’s unique design is unrivaled in functionality and comfort.  SpaBath is manufactured with only the best materials and to the highest quality standards. It’s because of these standards that thousands of SpaBath Roll-Door® units have been installed world-wide since the early 90’s and are still being used successfully today.

SpaBath’s patented full-width opening design, exclusive Roll-Door technology and ergonomically designed contoured seat provide a comfortable relaxed bathing environment.  All SpaBath functions can be operated with the push of a button on SpaBath’s exclusive electronic control panel – power door, dual inflatable seals, drain, air spa and therapy. SpaBath’s proprietary integrated plumbing eliminates the need for in-wall plumbing and enables the flow of water and temperature to be accurately controlled with ease.

A convenient and easy alternative to traditional bathing systems, SpaBath fits in the same space as a standard bathtub. Waiting for the tub to fill or drain is another factor to consider. SpaBath eases these concerns with a high volume thermostatic mixing valve that flows water through a calming waterfall spout. SpaBath’s patented rapid drain system enables the tub to drain in approximately one minute providing a more comfortable bathing experience.

There are many bathing systems on the market today. SpaBath’s unique design is superior. Choose the best. Choose SpaBath.