Spa Bath

The History of SpaBath
SpaBath Company was born out of the vision and passion of inventor and businessman Arthur Sills. A Northern Michigan native, Mr. Sills first made his mark on the spa and bath industry in the 1980s, when he developed an easy-access bath for use in the nursing home market.

Building on that success, Mr. Sills created the renowned Freedom Bath in the early 1990s, which has been installed for use in thousands of assisted living homes throughout the world.

A Wall Street Journal article quoted the inventor of a competing product, calling the Freedom Bath “the most accessible bath I’ve ever seen”. The same article quotes an architect complementing the Freedom Bath on its patented door design.

While his products have set the standard for the highest quality in commercial settings, Mr. Sills saw an opportunity to bring this successful product to the senior housing market. No other side-entry tub lived up to his high expectations of safety and comfort. Driven to create a spa that would meet the rigorous standards of quality and safety required of a commercial product — yet without an institutional look and feel — Mr. Sills created SpaBath. 

Beauty + Functionality
In addition to designing the highest quality spa, it was important to Mr. Sills to create a product that would be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. SpaBath achieves that goal beautifully. SpaBath is simply the ultimate personal spa. It is the only true barrier-free spa available for seniors.

Proprietary features such as the patented SpaBath Roll-Door® Technology and dual inflatable sealing  system ensure its superior standing in the marketplace. Regarding its good looks, SpaBath is unmatched. Elegant and sleek with the highest quality fixtures, SpaBath adds a luxurious touch to any bathing area.

Made in the USA
Every SpaBath is assembled with pride in the United States. Based in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan, SpaBath’s headquarters are also a point of company pride. Situated on the pristine NE edge of Lake Michigan, Traverse City comprises a community that is passionate about living and working in “God’s Country”.